Monday, November 1, 2010

Personalised Blogs: The Navi Paradox

Personalised blogs are a constant drain on the tubes and yet we continue to write despite having no readership whatsoever and with that opening, I'm gonna completely steer away from the topic to talk about videogames....briefly.
I don't particularly like the Legend of Zelda series. It's not a bad series in any light. The characters are memorable, the level design is often flawless and the music is so delicious I've heard so many good remixes of that they're in my iPod's Top 50 listened to. But I just do not have the time to play them and there are a lot of annoyances I've read, heard and played that I just can't get over it, the biggest of which, is an annoying little fairy which appears in only one game. Navi could have been replaced by a talking chihuahua in the Top 10 annoying creatures which have come from the imagination of man.
But with the constant Hey Listen, it's importand in the gameplay to you know, listen, to her (or it) to continue through the great kingdom of Hyrule. I have basically used this long winded introduction to Navi, for those who aren't gamers and my open opinion to Legend of Zelda, just so I can use the characters name in something I came up with no more than 18 hours ago.
I really did not want to make this blog a personal diatribe to everything I love and hate, because that's not interesting, it's not interesting at all. However, despite the fact I've used I, over 15 time already could not be further from the truth for this to not be a personalised blog. A blog by it's multiple definitions does not necessarily need to be personal, but it does have a running series of entries which often have to grab a reader's attention. Whilst my measily 100 page views are not only appreciated and enjoyed by my inflated ego, I do find that without posting this blog anywhere else, these 100 individual hits would probably die out quite quickly, which in turn provides an interesting paradox.
Without any readers, why write and without anything written, who will read; The Navi Paradox.
Without Link to Hey, Listen, why would Link bother actually play on? But without Link questing on, Navi wouldn't bother to give any advice...essentially I am just saying I'm a fairy in this analogy.
Whilst I will continue  to post things here and there, if there is something you like, maybe post it on Digg or Reddit or something worthwhile, but the power is yours.
Yes, I did just say the power is yours, just to post this image.

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