Monday, November 1, 2010

Morning Roll Call 1/11

Last night was really weird, stayed up to actually watch Scary Movie and then flicked over to Juno, which is a film I'd probably love to death if it wasn't for the fanbase and reputation the film has. As I was trying to drift off to sleep I though of how there should be a pregnant horror movie, not like Teeth where the whole horror element is subliminally underplayed with the ole 'sex is bad' mythos, but the horrors of pregnancy turned into a film, now that'd probably drop the teen pregnancy rate...anyway, what'd we miss:
For those of you who've been sitting under an e-rock, TIME TRAVELLER'S ARE HERE:

Oh wait, no they're not.
The original news story had me partially captivated but my belief in Time Travel is as long dead as my belief in Santa Claus and consistent intelligent internet comments. For a brief summary, British bloke is watching old movie (More specifically, 1924's Charlie Chaplain classic, The Circus)
Upon watching a scene in the opening, a woman appears on screen behind an elephant with something to her ear British bloke thinks its a cell phone.
Brit bloke makes internet video, millions of views, comments and news stories start. One person does a Google search.
This is what I love and hate in this day and age and brought up yesterday. The use of Google at our fingertips is a resource which we often take for granted and I believe that a lot of ridiculous and ultimately unnecessary questions on and offline could be solved with a five second Google search, like this week long retard-o-thon about Time Travel, I do LOVE Time Travel, but I have my theory on why we never see any...which I'll probably blog about some time in the near future...or have I already done it...
In movie news, Stephen Fry has been a very naughty boy.
The God amongst men tweeted pictures from the Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows Part 2 set and now Warner Bros is having are blowing up much like Aunt Marge
Pictured: Warner Bros. HR Department
I'm sure more than 300 people on that set have iPhone's or phones which have image capture techniques and internet connections, also, ALOT of people read the last book, so you're really not hiding anything. It's like people who scream spoiler alert on adaptations which have been around for decades, OH NO DON'T TELL ANYONE HOW ON THE ROAD ENDS
The one person no one would ever think to stick up for video games, is sticking up for video games.
No, it's not Jack Thompson.
It's Rush Limbaugh

Rush claims to be a fan of the video game as art movement and was heard on his radio show, recently talking to a caller "Leave your game alone," Limbaugh told the caller. He also said that "the people that put together these video games are artists in their own right," whilst I did take that quote out of context to say he supports the video game is art movement line up there, I'm sure deep down in his heart, he probably does think it's art...coz you can't spell heart problems, without art.
Whilst I'm not a big fan of Mad Men, a book which has appeared in the TV show is apparently becoming a real book.
The fake memoirs of Roger Sterling (played by the magnificent John Slattery), are being published and while probably add to the canon of the story. I wanted to add this story simply because I do love it when TV shows try and add pieces of memorabilia to the storyline. It's just fun and cool.
Oh and for those of you who love TellTale Games or just Sam & Max, if you have an account with them, you can get a free copy of Night of The Raving Dead, just in time for Halloween.
I'll be posting heaps of stuff today if I'm not working on my NanoWriMo novella, or at the very least planning out the plot structure.
Have an awesome day and here are two puppies being cute.

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