Friday, November 5, 2010

Morning Roll Call 5/11

After freaking out the second my favourite Western Australian posted a song, we still have the morning roll call.
I had a very terrifying dream last night and -not to quote the Matrix- but ever have one of those dreams where you're not sure if you're still dreaming and then you go into lockdown mode, in your dream, and start thinking of realistic ways of getting out, instead of having the confidence (and forethought) that this is all a dream and that your final essay was actually really good and if you don't get a good mark on it you'll Hadouken the marker in the face....I have trouble separating reality from my dreams....

Apparently it runs on dreams and a sensibility to think you're better than everyone else...stupid Unicorn mobile.
Did you know there was a site called Priuschat?
For everyone in Australia (and not sure internationally), Banksy's cinematic triumph of this year has finally come out on DVD, not really news and considering I don't get paid for this, not really an advertisement, I just really liked the movie. It was incredible how Banksy was able to put a story around the rise and fall of street art, essentially showing someone who had the idea of life as a bought or paid-for simulacrum and just a filtered and corporate life to bring down (essentially) something that was never about money or fame or being a permanent fixture...well that's how I read it, anyway to the news!
In movie news, new pics are surfacing from the set of Captain America, which is the first in the final films leading up to The Avengers.

For those of you into gaming and creative theory, these guys are the best in the business and hail from The Escapist.
If you're wondering why I bother to put the link for almost every video is because I know how tricky and how big some embedded videos are and how they poke out onto the sidebar and how frustrating this is for everyone.
Speaking of video games, a new augmented reality iPhone/iTouch game is hitting the market in which you can be apart of the Rebel Alliance
In more game politics news, Anonymous, from the website, have taken down the MPAA, again, in a long series of strong attacks against copyright law and enforcers. The MPAA, RIAA and other media affiliated associations have been targeted due to, what Anonymous believes, is an unfair and greedy affair with corporate holders and lobbyists rather than filmmakers and the consumers.
For those of you playing Fallout New Vegas, your Wiki has come to life much like that of Eden in Fallout 3. Whilst I've seen glimpses of the game and watched a mate play it, the game itself looks stunning and a lot more accessible than Fallout 3, which whilst I had a blast with, eventually was lost on me in the same way I was lost on Metroid...too much backtracking.
In that kid is awesome news, that kid, 10 years old, asked the mayor about safety and the amount of sidewalks in his county. The kid stole everyone's hearts and his love of sidewalks will truly be embraced when the money goes to sidewalks instead of education or health funding and someone remembers this kid and curb stomps him...not saying what he did was wrong or stupid, but priorities IAN ZOHN! PRIORITIES!
To be honest Zohn is a pretty cool last name.
In Bush Memoir news, he says he gave it his all....yep....totally believe that...totally.
A kid in Ohio got detention for farting and an entire news report devoted to him, I know election coverages are slow news days but guys, you could totally be talking about this story:
Wow, I thought that was gonna be a sarcastic link, but Google's Chrome is stretching it's little tentacles out from it's browser hobby hole into a full operating system and I actually would definitely buy one. I love Chrome more than I love Firefox (and if you just said or thought cake, then you're wrong), although I wish there were more supports and addons for Chrome.
In help me Obi Wan, you're my only hope news, Holographic technology is almost here and I think it's pretty awesome, of course by the time it's affordable to the public, half our planet will probably look like that of being in Wall-E or worse the people in Wall-E
Only a matter of time
In James Cameron should shut his fucking mouth news, James Cameron is acting like he, like, re-invented 3D, pffft, 'sif, I think we know what movie totally did that. Pirahna 3D, jesus. But in all seriousness, Cameron's claims over the poor use of post-processing 3D is legit, for those who saw Avatar: The Last Airbender or Clash of the Titans know that their 3D imaging is a bit like running your movie through a coffee filter, rather than shooting it legitamately on a dual camera'd setup (or IMAX camera's if you're Mr. Bigshot I-make-convuluted-movies-made-of-win Nolan). Jimmy C is suggesting that 3D Processing should be used more on 'library titles' such as Jaws, ET or Close Encounters of the First Kind (enjoying your time with Steven, Jim), which whilst I can't deny Jaws 3D ( would look good, I think Cameron should just be happy with his billion dollars, his new movie franchise, Na'vi fleshlights and go away for a while.
These exists and you should have a better day knowing you don't own one.
In facebook makes you anti-social news, Facebook's unlike button is coming to news feeds to show that people really need to seperate themselves and hate things more, because if  democracy has taught us one thing is that hate (in a single button) rather than constructive criticism and feedback is the best thing of all.
In tiger's have learnt what a packed lunch is....

In Apple news, GODDAMMIT!
The International Trade Commission may put down their foot on Apple claiming Nokia has taken their patent for smart phones, despite Nokia basically being the one's who put mobile phones on the map, Apple insists they were here first and the 'Nananana We're the king of the castle and you're the dirty rascal' defense.
In technological achievement and barrier breaking news, a new tunnel has opened up between the mexico and US border...which has been found by the American police to be a drug tunnel between the two countries...sigh, just when you thought you were gonna get peace between those two countries.
In sad news for extremely hungry 360 players, Prop 19 failed to go through and so marijuana is still illegal and could have probably reignited the US economy...but now we'll never know.
Apparently your next international flight you should book is Albania, whilst I know little about Albania (and even less about Serbia), Lonely Planet has designated that Albania is the new #1 hot country to visit.
Apparently senators have spent up to 1.5 million dollars on their campaigns for the recent elections, which is good because, you know you could spend that on you know charity, helping people out in the projects..something like that, because God knows the good you could do in office...which you probably won't...good luck with that power.
In Kid Cudi is pretty awesome news, Kid Cudi is awesome.

His new album just came out too which is meant to be pretty awesome

Annnnnnnnnnnnnd finally, Today in things that should not exist...this

WTF Video of The Day: Chick With Razor Blade Boobs! - Watch more horror
Have a great day everyone.

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