Saturday, November 6, 2010

Afternoon Dump 6/11

First to start off, an awesome trailer for a movie I am definitely seeing next year based on the cast and trailer...which is something I rarely do without any extra research:

It's called Friends with Benefits and I just like JT and MK...
In Zuckerberg news, Facebook is sueing Lamebook...wait, no that's not wait, Lamebook is counter-suing Facebook over trademark infringement.
In Video gaming news, the Kinect is not racist and can pick up black people. When I first heard this story I was reminded of an episode of a sadly now-cancelled TV series called Better Off Ted.
In, the fuck is wrong with you news,  a very paranoid and suspicious bus driver took the ID's off disabled passengers, who he was then told, they were disabled and still refused to give them back. Classy.
In Spock news, Leonard Nimoy once sold telescopes
And whilst I don't believe Americans would use a high-speed-rail, apparently people would use it.
Ever wanted to know what's inside Frogger?

No animals were harmed in making this blog.
In Apple news, you know what
They fucked up.
Okay, no that's cool
Apparently people are suing Apple for damage and losses from their last update. Much like that of people suing for lost PS3 data, I think this will  go down the same route, because it's probably in the Terms & Conditions that neither Sony, nor Apple, are responsible for any losses caused by their product.
In US Politics news, Jesus SAVES!
Republicans that is and the majority of voters to turn out in the election on Tuesday were right-wing religious peoples, which possibly means that whilst Obama is in power he may be impeached for no reason making everyone a sad panda.
Obama being impeached? Uh Oh!
In Tech news, apparently 30 million dollars being invested from Panasonic to Tesla for better battery technology which is good because there has been little movement on that front in the past few years. Then again, the only thing I can think of that uses batteries that I own is my TV, 30 million dollars!
If you got some frosty ones in your fridge, enjoy this solution
20 Years of Research, finally completed.
And after the major forgetful turn out, Colorado, home of South Park, the Denver Bronco's and America's answer for neglectful parenting, the next fight for marijuana laws are gonna be in Colorado. And I absolutely love this statistic:
The city of Pueblo took another option, enacting a 4.3 percent sales tax on medical marijuana that is expected to generate $500,000 in revenue in its first year alone.
Thousand Dollars.
You could build heaps of shit with that.  That's half a mil, holy shit, that's just...oh man, I gotta take a puff.
Enjoy your weekend.

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