Thursday, November 4, 2010


One of my favourite sites (and as you can tell news feeds), The Escapist holds a yearly competition and because I know you don't have enough time to troll through them all and lurk moar, I have broken them down into the 5 best ones I've seen so far.
Game Science: A 'scientific' show which starkly reminds me of Look Around You before for the video game age. It has alot of potential and creativity which could easily be drawn out of many a game.
Creature Caster Masters: A fantastic Pokémon parody with the cutest creature this side of Toothless, with plenty of comedy, original chiptunes and RPG references to boot, CCM could easily be on the site.
Nintendobo: An incredibly well told black comedy tale of a young boy (puppet), his abusive father and his plans on making a Web Series to help his father's depression and himself, quite similar to Jam in it's feel and execution.
Because my love of video game knowledge, trivia and humorous metaphors, Press To Continue is a fantastic addition and
Show About Games Show, is in the vein of Mega64 but with alot more content, this hilarious quick sketch comedy follows a series of parodies and great references all smushed together in a Robot Chicken-like package.
Honorable Mentions go to:
Pangea - A Scott Pilgrim-esque series that I have no idea where it's going
The Pitch
The Disc
The Couch
That Guy Wesker
Josh & Chad
A lot of the videos were Yahtzee (and MovieBob, which isn't too bad) clones, poor comedy or people just doing Let's Plays and hoping to get paid for them. People need to realise that writer's are not incredibly funny or interesting, no matter how many funny conversations you have, or what you think is funny. For interesting or funny writers, look at those which take their writing introspectively and actually do something with 'said' writing instead of complaining and having a simple linear storyline that doesn't go anyway...takes a while to learn...some people don't.
For other one's I couldn't be bothered mentioning, here's the rest of them
The competition lasts till November 8th so get some lulz and vote for the best.

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