Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Extra Dump 2/11 :Cars, Microsoft Sensing, Killer Proteins and Minecraft

Microsoft's Kinect seems to be hyping alright right now and Microsoft is pushing for greater advancements in sensing ttechnology and props to Canesta for probably making a fuckton of money and will hopefuly make a bunch of money in the coming years.

Car brand Pontiac is closing down...so you know, if you care, or like cars. The only thing I can remember about Pontiac's is that KITT from Knight Rider is a Pontiac...
I'm sorry, Michael, but I no longer have warranty.
Melbourne and London University's are making a protein cell which can fight and kill rogue cells. Shit is pretty cash.
In Minecraft news, it's still awesome and I love this guy's videos, if you have a YouTube/Google account and like Minecraft, subscribe to this mo'fo.

My mate sent me this and I just had to share it.
I know I should be writing 'Translator', but I thought I'd take a break, at this moment in time I'm up to 3000 words and I have no idea what to call my character.

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