Thursday, November 4, 2010

Extra Dump 4/11 : Public Toilets, Chinese Slips and Poor Advertising

I'm now 7000-up on my NanoWriMo story, 'Translator', and it feels awesome. So what have we missed today other than the warmth of a partner?
Meanwhile over at The Oatmeal, we've got an extra comic made of lulz which I can sympathise with my hatred of public toilets.
I've been following The Oatmeal for a few weeks now and it originally caught my attention with his helpful analysis of the English language regarding specific words, phrases and proper irony etiquette.
And apparently I can take 23 Bieber's in a fight....
How many Justin Biebers could you take in a fight?
Created by Oatmeal
In slightly serious news,
Qantas is still the only airline which has never had a major in crashed. Also I found out the current owner isn't Australian...oh well
At least we're at parity with the US.
Meanwhile, in the US,
So let's see, erasers, pencils, bottle of wine, books, wait a second! Who the hell still uses erasers?
Now, do you think a 4 year old can be sued for negligence.
Yes, yes they can. A recent story out of the US, a few years ago, the girl was a few months shy of her 5th birthday and her bike accidentally hit an elderly woman who later died in hospital and because of her age, the judge said she could be trialed for negligence. Juliet, the girl in question, is now 6 and is still facing legal problems...yay for that.
In fucking awesome news, the Kindle is able to get around the great Fire Wall of China. The Amazon e-Reader has the ability to get Wi-Fi and apparently the internet access, however tiny, is able to break through the Chinese internet filter. This is awesome and if you are reading this in China, YOU ARE AWESOME, WELCOME TO THE INTERNET, I AM THE FINAL BOSS!
Seeing Haiti ten months after the earthquake which united the world over the devasted nation is incredible to see the contribution that everyone has made.
Mark Zuckerberg, or the world's most misunderstood billionaire, has come out and said that the iPad is simply not mobile, which I genuinely agree with the man...actually on a lot of things...including how he definitely didn't steal any Intellectual Property that anyone claims they stole...but you can read all about that here.
Science actually figures out why conversations on your phone annoy the shit out of people...and it's not just the sad fact that they have someone to talk to...well it's really because it reduces attentiveness in people.
In I hope you  can sleep tonight news....

Girl Goes Crazy Over Webcam Special Effects - Watch more Funny Videos
Good luck

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