Friday, November 5, 2010

Dawn Patrol 5/11

I watched an awesome show last night called Rake, that I cannot recommend more. Genuinely witty, an amazing cast (including Agent Smith himself, Hugo Weaving, playing a cannibal no less) and I cannot wait for the next episode...better than bloody Beauty & The Geek.
So I hope all you early risers or international folk are enjoying your days, nights and - soon - weekends.
But for now, let's have a look at something I've been working on in between writing, blogging and getting my shit together for the summer.,0,3032126.story
According to American's, American's overcompensate, overeat and overdo everything, who knew?
I personally think that America is represented incredibly unfairly by the majority, but because they are the majority that is all we ever see. I'm sure there are plenty of fun, sane and intelligent people in is not one of them.

Guy Tricks His Girl Into Eating Ghost Chili Pizza - Watch more Funny Videos

And another:
Guy flips off cop, cop sues flipper, eventually wins four grand. That is essentially the story and proof that the the word.
In unfortunate news...Ostrich's hate Ponies...but more importantly hates children on ponies

EMBED-Ostrich Attacks Kid - Watch more free videos

You all know how much I loved The Social Network, well like Scott Pilgrim, some extra features or rather Behind The Scenes work is being shown online right now. It's incredibly awesome.
Oh and in bad news, other than LOL, which I've tried to read the script for and have felt my brain caving into my forehead (which could explain my nasal problems) and a film called...sigh...So Undercover...coz her acting range has really improved between Hannah Montana and The Last Song.
And there is a heap of posters and synopsis...synopsies?...many posters and plots leaked for new fil-
...they did make like 150% of their money back...dammit...
Also in movie news, these fucking posters are incredible:

In Video Game news, Playstation's planned phone is for light gamers and if you just chuckled by the term 'light gamers', we're not all fat...just most of us...more importantly me.
In surprising no one news, Fish Oil pills don't do fucking shit for slowing alzheimers...but it doesn't speed them up because you remember you have to take fish oil pills.
In Apple I have alot of Apple news and I'm not even a Macfag, anyway, Apple has been fighting the GPL laws when people began complaining about the DRM which popped up on their products when using iTunes.
And finally, don't sleep at a bus stop.

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