Friday, November 5, 2010

Extra Dump 5/11 : IT'S GUY FAWKES DAY!

Hope you enjoyed my little story earlier today and we have a few more coming your way.
It's almost been a week since I started this blog and I want to thank everyone (especially people in Singapore, South Africa and the US) for viewing my blog, which I will keep up until I get a real job...or isn't playing Minecraft:

Speaking of real jobs, let's get underway with our first story about hacking
The Google Android has been an incredible second banana in the smart phone race and now the computing world has come out and said 'Hack Me'. Of course the last time we heard this in Australia was when the netbooks were given out as apart of the national education scheme...and it turned out quite hilarious.
In adorably racist news....
In Sports news...I really don't care about sports, but this was still pretty funny:
Bat's are disappearing from our little world
Watch this video on YouTube
For those clueless about what people mean when they say dirty's a guide
In Spidey-news, spidey-news, slightly strange casting, spidey-news, we have our new Uncle Ben...

Yep, with great power comes great responsibility...Mr. Sheen.
And Aunt May:
This is Sally Field...she is not made of grass
In music news that is made of awesome
Michael Jackson may drop a new album soon with a single coming out quite soon. SUPER PSYCHED.
It has seriously the best cover of almost any album this year.

In Tech News,....stop...multi-tasking while driving

In scientific news, apparently our cell membranes are like cornstarch and water...which means with the right combination I can turn myself into butterscotch pudding...
In tech news, eye restoration could be merely years away and when it's affordable...a century...maybe, you know, I'll tell you when I know...
In space news, NASA's Deep Impact probe (which was named by the 9th Grade Butterworth Academy School for the Immature*), have caught some amazing pictures of Comet Hartley passing across our galaxy. Absolutely incredible shots.
Glen Beck thinks Obama is still a muslim and that he would be beheaded if he went to India. Good luck on being sane America....especially when it comes to voting for dead people, confirming a global warming plan, blaming people for not voting, same-sex marriage's being a fireable offence and birth....with a box cutter.
Goddammit America!
Ashton Kutcher, who hasn't made a good movie in....ever, is still trying out that, I-can-still-do-romantic-comedies, schtick from 2004...remember...with Brittany Murph-
Goddammit America....
But still, some good comedy news, The Farelly Brothers have a new movie. It seems pretty cash and has a great cast, including Jenna Fischer and Christina Applegate. I just love Jenna Fischer...despite my previous mention of The Office douchebaggery.

I, however, doubt that's her singing...but goddamn Walk Hard is an underrated film. If you've got nothing better to do tonight or this weekend go rent it out and watch it. Shit is awesome.
Wow, today there has been alot of sexual posts which I hope I've gotten no one in trouble for...
Have a great weekend. I probably will do less posts this weekend with a few things I have to do...non-Saboteur or Minecraft-related or blog related.
And at the behest of a very good friend, I've decided to end today's extra dump with a cute kitty:

*This is not true

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