Saturday, November 6, 2010

Morning Roll Call 6/11

Last night I got into an hour or so of The Saboteur and it is incredible, fun and I'll probably do a very belated review once I'm done with it. Because it's the weekend I will be posting less, mainly because I have a lot to get done today and tomorrow, but that doesn't mean there won't be a Morning Roll Call and a few links during the day, as well as an update on how my NanoWriMo is going and a few stats and thoughts of being a blogger for a week.
So what have we got today?
Well let's let the puppy tell us:

Awww, I think he's mad at me.
Starting off today with people who are smarter than me video and only critic I trust other than Roger Ebert:

I saw this earlier this year and have watched it at least twice and have loved it to bits, probably the second best comedy I've seen all year.
In more Apple news...fuck...Google Instant is coming to an iPhone near you. Despite the clear Smart phone rivalry, it's good that Apple sets it aside for technological advancement....or are they?
Well maybe not so much when they might sue The Childrens Television Workshop....
In holy shit medical news, a 10 year old in Spain has given birth...who knocked her up? Who delivered the baby and what do her parents think, apparently irrelevant. GO SPAIN!
Apparently there are toxins in footpads, I don't know what footpads are and why you would use them but apparently they're bad.
In awwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwshit news, this hampster hates you,

Evil Hamster Attacks Russians - Watch more Funny Videos
In fucking der news, apparently watching TV increases your risk for having blood clots, a larger waistline and high blood pressure...that's why I watch everything on my laptop...but then again you could be fat coz of your brain size...
In awesome news, I wish my Dad texted like this instead of just...k
In this joke is old news, See: The Office
The most famous mother in all of file-sharing history has still lost her court case for downloading only 14 songs and the RIAA really needs to fuck off from making 1.5 million dollars from this one person just to make her an example and  to show 'they're not scared'. YOU'RE THE FUCKING RIAA YOU OWN MUSIC, GO FUCK YOURSELF.
In sweet vidya news, British Library is considering a video games archive which would be great considering the history of brit-games that have taken over the world in the past few years. Lemmings, Little Big Planet, Grand Theft Auto, all non-US video games.
In more gaming news, Squ-Enix is hoping to get more fans back with FFXIV. I'm not a fan of the Final Fantasy series and the last one I clearly remember playing was X and I absolutely hate the fanbase for VII, so nope, not getting my money.
In Irish talk show news, one of it's hosts masturbated on a flight...yep...that happened...
In movie news, Aaron Eckhard, everyone's favourite two-faced actor, is playing a spy in a new drama.
Peter Weir, one of the only Australian directors I actually respect, has a new movie coming out soon called, The Way Back. Speaking of respectable Australian directors, I watched Animal Kingdom last night and it was absolutely fantastic, although the plot and some scenes were a bit derivative, the mood, the acting and the dialogue were all fantastic.
According to recent reports, robots find us delicious. After much testing (oh yeah tons) , a robot has identified human flesh as bacon which means that when the robot apocalypse comes we will be served with pigs or with eggs.
In fuck yes news...I am jealous

In oh sweet merciful crap news, a man has beaten a 22-month girl for simply bed-wetting in Florida...Okay, let's just get this out of the way, whether he was a parent or not, it's wrong, in general, to beat a child, especially for something they don't know any better about and this guy will probably be going to jail sometime soon, unless the justice system is broken, clogged, etc.
But apparently it's totally fine the other way around.
In more court news, apparently Texas law is determined by Spock...
Was she wearing skinny jeans?

In FUCK YEAH INTERNET! news, a jerkoff magazine stole an article from an American column writer, who then suggested they thank them for publishing said article (even without permission). The magazine itself then was bombarded with messages and mean wall posts all over Facebook, just wait till someone tells
Apparently Phillip Morris, a large tobacco company, sponsors Volcano rescue...why?
I guess people smoking isn't the only thing they try to help...
In US Politics news...fuck these people..and people who say Obama would lead better if he was angrier, because Presidents and politicians in general are always praised for their anger and how much rage-o-hol is in their system. Maybe they should be determined on their crying skills...this guy would win...oh wait...
Oh and apparently the second elections are over, erections are up. The most searched term post-election is porn or sex or... you know something of that nature.
Speaking of porn,
In more American news, a man who decided to rob a house, was then found to be watching pornography. The man has been identified as 6'10, brown hair and loves "big tits" and "asians".
In sweet hilarity news, this guy hid CD's in Starbucks...wait, that's really not that funny. He's probably not gonna make any profit from it, let alone have some people go to his gigs...damn, that's just sad.

And finally,
Touché internet...

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